Philadelphia Slice by Slice

God's lonely man roams the streets of Philadelphia
in search of the answer to the simplest,
yet most complex culinary algorithm
ever concocted:
the marriage of sauce,cheese, and crust.

More commonly known as PIZZA.

This is his story.......................

Monday, April 11, 2011

new gennaro's location

So Gennaro's moved from 12th & south to 13th & christian....and im lovin the new store front. a place to sit down, really decent soda/juice selection. (i always fall for nantucket nectars with a slice), and the open kitchen sparkles (for now). The cheesesteaks are spotty (make sure you ask for extra cheese....theyre stingy). A true pizzamans establishment. No joking around, no social scene....i dont know anyone that goes there. pretty sure they only cater to the surrounding blocks....and now that theyre off south street forget about that foot traffic.... i have you all to myself now gennaro's. Owner lady gives me free slices all the time....shout out to her. By the way.....great slices. Not giant....but bigger than your average slice. (6 slices per pie vs your standard 8). Philly style "i think they put sugar in this" sauce, great cheese, and a nice all purpose flour crust with kind of a chewy bite to it. only issue....closes when they feel like it. 10ish weekdays....12ish friday and saturday.

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