Philadelphia Slice by Slice

God's lonely man roams the streets of Philadelphia
in search of the answer to the simplest,
yet most complex culinary algorithm
ever concocted:
the marriage of sauce,cheese, and crust.

More commonly known as PIZZA.

This is his story.......................

Sunday, October 10, 2010

saturday night.

Sometimes, drug addicts are forced to slum it.... and buy shitty, not very potent drugs. I often find myself in this position on Saturday night. After working 10.5 hours I went home and fell asleep for a minute without securing pizza. I woke up at local shops within walking distance open except lorenzos and lazzaros...Im not walking...fuck it....dominos.

I know what Im getting. Im getting cake. so lets get creative....pineapple, fuck it, lets get two for 5.99 each....a deep dish tomato and mushroom as well. 30 minutes? Im timing you fuckers...

24 minutes later (which isnt that impressive....its 7 blocks away on south st)....I get my pizza cake. Dominos has made improvements. They overload the crust in factory blended garlic spice, and brush it to death with movie theater butter. the cheese is perfectly synthesised to melt and brown in their conveyor belt oven, and the sauce....well....its dominos sauce with a few too many dry spices....but I cant complain. I ate the shit out of it....even the pineapple. It rocked me to pizza sleep. goodnight.