Philadelphia Slice by Slice

God's lonely man roams the streets of Philadelphia
in search of the answer to the simplest,
yet most complex culinary algorithm
ever concocted:
the marriage of sauce,cheese, and crust.

More commonly known as PIZZA.

This is his story.......................

Thursday, October 18, 2012


A pizza museum. who doesn't want to go to a pizza museum? Certainly not anybody Im interested in hanging out with. The memorabilia is stellar. Start at the beginning of the counter and work your way back...take it all in. If you cant drum up some amazing childhood memory than I weap for you. Go buy a time machine and eat a baby pan pan. lets talk slices.

holy shit. really. The couple years of research that went into the "Plain Jane" recipe really paid off. Its not rocket science....but it is. First and foremost the oven is hot. HOT. The master pizzaman should be the only person comfortable behind the line, the skin...trained to withstand ungodly temperatures. I like black spots and imperfections in my pie. A nice hard sear on the crust with a crispy yet gooey cheese. These slices have a personality.

Sauce. It has some red pepper flake in it. I was surprised. I always take a bite before I season....this slice needed nothing. In fact, I thought to myself a non seasoning fan (idiot) might not like it....but thats not a problem here. good salt content. very well seasoned.

constructive criticism. only one thing, while a beautiful whole basil leaf looks awesome, it makes for a few super basil bites, and some no basil bites. a nice simple rough chop on the fresh basil, garnish the slice, do this right before you hand it to me....and I can die right there.

Overall. an inspiring slice. eat pizza.